Browser Support

Website technology has experienced many changes in recent years. IChunter Electronics always keep pace with the latest technologies. But we also try our best to make our website backward compatible with most browsers. ICHunter have well tested the website to make sure it works correctly in most platforms. Keeping your browser in latest version will give you the best experience and more benefits.

Mobile browsers
Generally speaking, our website supports the latest versions of each major platform’s default browsers. Note that proxy browsers (such as Opera Mini, Opera Mobile’s Turbo mode, UC Browser Mini, Amazon Silk) are not supported.

  Chrome Firefox Safari Android Browser & WebView Microsoft Edge
Android Supported Supported N/A Android v5.0+ supported Supported
iOS Supported Supported Supported N/A Supported
Windows 10 Mobile N/A N/A N/A N/A Supported


Desktop browsers

Similarly, the latest versions of most desktop browsers are supported.

Chrome Firefox Internet Explorer Microsoft Edge Opera Safari
45+ 38+ 10+ 12+ 30+ 9+

Required Browser Settings
To be compatible with all features on the ICHunter website, your browser should be configured to use:

* JavaScript

* Cookies

* Style Sheets (CSS)

The website may works incorrectly without the features listed above.

We ONLY use the cookies to identify the session. We do NOT store any other kind of data in cookies.

Questions or Comments
If user has any questions or comments, please feel free to contact us.