About Us

Due to the monetary policy, global oil, copper, inflation and other commodities have been reduced production due to the impact of COVID-19, which caused cost of sharply increasing in global raw material, this ongoing change is unprecedented and has far exceeded the level before the outbreak of COVID19, at the same time, this also brings us huge challenges.

Although we have tried to did our best to absorb and maintain the cost, but still unable to make up for the loss caused by raising cost. Therefore,ICHunter coming.

What is ICHunter?

ICHunter is a powerful search engine that aggregates and normalizes data from a wide range of sources in the electronic component market. Incoming data streams are processed and translated into a comprehensive view of a component's market data.

Register with ICHunter to sending RFQ, over 300+ employee will efficient and rapid response, to provide you with real-time quotation information, Efficient and rapid response, provide you with real-time quotation information.Reduce Information Gap to helping you find reliable source.

What can we do for you?

(The Bounty Hunter) is a master who obtains high bounty by completing difficult tasks of the employer.

But what is the mission of IC-hunter?

Assist customers in sourcing obsolete & EOL(End Of Life) components, Eliminate shortage concerns. everything within reach.

Price & Inventory Search

ICHunter.com is easy to use, simply type in a full or partial part number to search for semiconductors, electronic components, and industrial supplies.

ICHunter.com is your eyes helping you to see "the world factory". We are the most complete and professional electronic components mall DIY-style and customized services for products/ careful distribution and delivery services will reduce your costs,save your time and energy.

Operating system

Powerful enterprise management system High intelligence procurement / pre- procurement system Ultra-stable order system Powerful warehouse management system Professional products out of the library inspection technology Convenient delivery system with a single Applies to each terminal pc / mobile / APP platform

Logistics & Shipment

We are in cooperation with high-standard international logistics UPS,DHL,TNT,FEDEX

Service & query

Over 300+ Employee Like a hunter, help customers hunting hard find & obsoleted parts.We fell honored to serve the global 500,000 customers.

We spent 15 years touching the needs of customers from all over the world. So we know better that our customers need their packages to arrive safely.After-sales service need at your fingertips and intimate service should be to customers' satisfaction.

After-sales service

60 days assuring after-sales service for product